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    Roland Garros x DELSEY PARIS

    {"Weight":"0.70lbs","Exterior Dimensions":"7.25 x 10.25 x 5 Inches","Volume":"6 L","Material":"RECYCLED POLYESTER"}
    [{"title":"GAME, SET AND MATCH FOR DELSEY PARIS!","content":"Delsey is partnering with Roland-Garros Paris, the legendary French Open tennis tournament, on a limited edition collection. Designed for the luxe traveler, CHATELET AIR 2.0 is now available in an elegant terra cotta color with white vegan-leather trim, picking up on the color of the famous clay court of the French Open tournament, a noble material that has played a significant role in the history of tennis.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/6fad420c-c90d-48da-9494-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167615035RG-05.jpg"},{"title":"GREAT ORGANIZATION","content":"Upgrade your toiletry transportation with style and space. Use the large opening to fit everything you need inside. The interior features a zippered pocket, two elastic pockets, and an open wet pocket for great organization. On the outside, use the zippered compartment on the rear of the bag to keep track of smaller items.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/0f84b7f2-7ee6-446f-a9db-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167615035RG-06.jpg"},{"title":"STAY FRESH","content":"The lining is coated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and provide effective odor control. SILVADUR™ is a trademark of International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. or its affiliates.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/29884559-fcb2-4df3-863a-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167615035RG-07.jpg"},{"title":"THE PERFECT MATCHING SET","content":"The durable, eco-friendly chevron pattern fabric made with recycled water bottles and vegan leather trim and carry handle mirrors our unmistakable iconic CHATELET AIR 2.0 suitcase line. Use this bag to keep your products secure inside your premium luggage.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/de01e231-309a-4d9f-8e8f-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167615035RG-08.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
    ["1030:Made with Recycled Materials","1033:Limited 10-Year Warranty"]
    {"Weight":"6.20 lbs","Exterior Dimensions":"11.25 x 25.25 x 14 Inches (Includes handles & wheels)","Interior Dimensions":"10.75 x 24 x 13.5 Inches","Volume":"56 L","Material":"RECYCLED POLYESTER"}
    [{"title":"GAME, SET AND MATCH FOR DELSEY PARIS!","content":"Discover the limited edition collection of luggage and travel bags created for the legendary French Open tennis tournament ‚Roland-Garros Paris. RASPAIL is now available in an elegant navy color with white and terra-cotta color accents, picking up on the colors of the famous clay court of the French Open tournament, a noble material that has played a significant role in the history of tennis.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/a8fa7493-c18c-42dc-9de2-front/original/delsey-raspail-40328932102RG-05.jpg"},{"title":"MAXIMUM PROTECTION","content":"Inspired by the great outdoors, RASPAIL is a rugged and lightweight duffel collection ideal for your next camping, beach or ski trip. It uses a unique, water-resistant fabric for maximum protection of your belongings. It also features DELSEY patented SECURITECH zip that is 3 times more resistant than a standard zip, and interlocking sliders so you can secure its content with a TSA-accepted padlock. Plus, both fabric and lining are made from recycled plastic bottles, making it eco-efficient.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/f4e3627d-5c13-42f9-97e3-front/original/delsey-raspail-40328932102RG-06.jpg"},{"title":"VERSATILITY AND ORGANIZATION","content":"This medium-size rolling duffel is perfect for any trip. It includes a 50-50 opening with two equal size compartments for easy organization as well two large exterior pockets to store shoes, a sweater or return-home laundry.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/a6aa9735-610a-44b1-906c-front/original/delsey-raspail-40328932102RG-07.jpg"},{"title":"COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE","content":"The 3 carry handles ‚Äì on the side, on the top and on the front - make it easy for travelers to bring their RASPAIL along with them on all forms of transportation. And, when not in use, the bag stores flat for maximum convenience.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/ba0573d2-6856-4175-a4b5-front/original/delsey-raspail-40328932102RG-08.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
    ["1067:Limited 3-Year Warranty","1076:Central opening","1096:TSA combination padlock","1030:Recycled materials","1028:ZIP SECURITECH","1039:Easy storage","1038:Rainproof"]
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