Our history

Our company was born in 1946 from the merger of the Delahaye and Seynhaeve establishments, which manufactured leather cases to protect the great innovations of the time, cameras, or record players. At the time of the first paid holidays and the birth of tourism, we imagined suitcases to accompany the first holidaymakers in their travels, by offering ranges that embody French elegance and know-how. 75 years later in a constantly changing world, thanks to our integrated design studio, we boldly combine tradition and innovation, elegance and modernity in each of our creations.

We develop ranges of products adapted to new urban mobility, bicycles, scooters or scooters which require light, practical and modular luggage. Like our "rising sun" logotype, a symbol of hope, elsewhere, and renewal, we inspire millions of travelers by promoting escape and freedom of movement and allowing them to travel free and serene spirit, while promoting responsible tourism for a more sustainable world.

We are renowned for having the best quality/price ratio on the market, we are available all over the world, in all qualified distribution networks. We thus respond to as many people as possible by adapting to all users and all types of travel, which makes Delsey a brand recognized and sought after by the press and the media, and which mobilizes around it a committed community which proves to it each day his attachment.

Our ambition is to be the most popular French brand of luggage and accessories in the world! Delsey Paris since 1946, travel with a free spirit.