Our Values Freedom

This first value tells of our determination to free the minds of the travelers it accompanies, by offering them secure luggage in which they can preserve their most precious possessions with complete confidence. It also tells us about freedom of movement because the brand is committed to making travel as fluid as possible. By inventing handy, light and always optimized products, it facilitates all forms of mobility.


This value is embodied in the daily life of the brand, which for 75 years has been innovating on each of its products. Owner of 230 patents and registered designs, it is at the origin of the trolley case, or the SÉCURITECH® zip which made it famous. Innovation is at the heart of the brand's creative system, and all its innovations tend towards one and the same objective, to make life easier for travelers to offer them as much freedom as possible.


This value is told through the brand's products which, by their solidity and reliability, are often passed down from generation to generation. Designed to last, they are made of light and resistant materials that stand the test of time. This trust is also illustrated in the relationship that the brand maintains with its users: through its worldwide guarantees, its quality commitments, or its DELSEY PLANET program, the brand demonstrates its responsibility towards its users, the environment and society as a whole.


Since its origin, aesthetics have been at the heart of the brand's design process. With an integrated design studio based in Paris, the brand's birthplace, it is recognized for the French elegance of its product lines, which have made it successful in France and internationally. Indeed, very inspired by Paris and its different facets, the brand is renowned for its chic and refined, joyful or original ranges, and for its design that is both contemporary and timeless.


This value tells us about a pioneering French historical heritage for more than 75 years, which has known how to progress over the years and reinvent itself through its products, its distribution and its target which has evolved with it. DELSEY PARIS is today a benchmark French company, known and recognized worldwide, which still benefits from a family and intergenerational clientele to whom it continues to offer the excellence of its leather goods know-how, which it has been able to develop to meet the plurality of uses and users.