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    {"Weight":"5.05 lbs","Exterior Dimensions":"14.25 x 15.25 x 9 Inches (Includes handles & wheels)","Interior Dimensions":"13 x 15 x 7.75 Inches","Volume":"25 L","Material":"POLYESTER AND NYLON 480 X 300 X 900 DENIER"}
    [{"title":"Lightweight and Organized ","content":"The HELIUM DLX under-seater is perfect for an overnight business trip or a weekend trip. It also designed to fit under the seat of most airlines, with a large 3-side opening for convenient access to your belongings. A padded sleeve keeps your technology protected and out of the way and the spacious interior offers you room to store clothing and other personal belongings. The exterior boasts three pockets to maximize your storage space.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/c4482a42-9f2c-47b8-9b2b-front/original/delsey-helium-dlx-40239745100-05.jpg"},{"title":"Your best companion on the move","content":"Carry by hand or use the telescopic handle to roll on 2 wheels. The external back pocket also converts to a smart band that conveniently slides over the tubes of a larger rolling luggage.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/f56e8ca4-9b11-4da5-941b-front/original/delsey-helium-dlx-40239745100-06.jpg"},{"title":"The perfect matching set ","content":"Pair it with one of our HELIUM DLX spinner luggage to look your best on the move !","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/4959aa29-a61d-4e1e-9207-front/original/delsey-helium-dlx-40239745100-13.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
    ["1001:Carry-on friendly","1084:Laptop and tablet compartment","1004:Smart Band","1063:Limited 5-Year Warranty"]
    Black Navy
    Wheeled Underseater
    {"Weight":"5.97 lbs","Exterior Dimensions":"16.5 x 15.75 x 8.25 Inches (Includes handles & wheels)","Interior Dimensions":"14.5 x 11.5 x 7.5 Inches","Volume":"20 L","Material":"Recycled Polyester"}
    [{"title":"OPTIMAL ORGANIZATION","content":"Pack everything you need with this perfectly sized under seater. The expansive opening interior features two elastic side pockets for you to store any cords or smaller items, a zippered pocket to store accessories, and elastic bands that ensure everything stays where you need it. The convenient zippered exterior compartment provides you with extra space for stowing last-minute items, and the smart band can be converted into an additional pocket when not in use.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/459b15dd-4108-46f6-9f9d-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167645115-05.jpg"},{"title":"DESIGNED FOR MAXIMUM CONVENIENCE","content":"This luggage-style was designed to fit comfortably under the seat of most airplanes and is an excellent option for dashing through airports en route. It features a premium, ergonomic trolley system with our new, smooth, soft-grip handle. A smart band on the back allows you to slide it over the tubes of another piece of luggage to make walking or running to your gate easier. It is also equipped with a TSA-accepted combination padlock for enhanced security when traveling by train or plane. Inside, the lining is coated with SILVADUR™ antimicrobial technology to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and provide effective odor control.\n\nSILVADUR™ is a trademark of International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. or its affiliates.\n","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/f2338dff-9c71-4877-9fa8-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167645115-06.jpg"},{"title":"ELEGANT AND DURABLE","content":"The durable, eco-friendly chevron pattern fabric is made with recycled water bottles, and the vegan leather trim mirrors our unmistakable iconic CHATELET AIR 2.0 suitcase. The main material is also water-repellent. Pair this with a hard-shell CHATELET AIR 2.0 for a stunning and cohesive travel set.","image":"https://cdn.quable.com/delsey/6c1e7264-e113-40b7-be7c-front/original/delsey-chatelet-air-2.0-40167645115-07.jpg"},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""},{"title":"","content":"","image":""}]
    ["1001:Carry-On Friendly","1008:TSA-Accepted Lock","1004:Smart Band","1030:Made with Recycled Materials","1033:Limited 10-Year Warranty"]
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    brown angora
    Wheeled Underseater